Squatting is seen as one of the most beneficial and fundamental movements in resistance training. As success in squatting is determined by the sum of efforts of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, it is crucial to identify and maintain strength and range of motion, so we don’t rely too heavily on certain joints more than others. Plate squats are a quick addition to your warm-up, maximizing your range of movement and getting you moving well.

Equipment Needs

  • Bumper plate

Muscle Groups Targeted

  • Primary Muscles: Gluteus Maximum, Quadriceps, Gastrocnemius
  • Secondary Muscles: Abdominals, Erector Spinae, Hamstrings

How to

  1. Set feet for squat between hip width and shoulder width apart. Toes pointed straight forward or slightly outwards.
  2. Rest plate in both hands and gently on your head. Hands shoulder width apart and keep elbows in line with shoulders.
  3. Drop down into a full deep squat, beyond 90 degrees, keeping the plate parallel with the ground the entire time and maintaining an upright back position.

Recommended sets and repetitions

  • Complete 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions with a plate between 5-15 kgs.

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by Devin Clayton

Devin is a Bachelor of Physical Education graduate from the University of Alberta. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and is an NCCP certified Weightlifting coach.