Balancing on one leg increases ankle, knee and hip stability. Add this dynamic one-legged move to the beginning of your workout — it’s a great way to warm up all those muscles in your legs.

Equipment Needs

  •         none

Joints Targeted

  •         Ankles, Knees, Hips

Muscle Groups Targeted

  • Primary movers: glutes, intrinsic foot muscles, overall lower body activation.

Starting Position

  • Bring your body into proper alignment, make a strong connection to the floor and root your weight into your feet, bring shoulders back and down, and engage your core.
  • Stand with your feet together, arms out wide.


  • Raise your right leg, balancing on your left foot, and swing it forward and backward, right and left. Switch up the pattern regularly (for example, right to front, left to back).

Recommended sets and repetitions

  • Continue for 30-60 seconds, then switch legs.


Add a challenge: Pass a five-pound weight from hand to hand while you swing your leg or try the move with your eyes closed. Balancing without the eyes activates more muscles and encourages a greater sense of body awareness.

Check out the first video of this series- Balance Test

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By Anita DeBoer 

Anita De Boer is a Certified Exercise Physiologist at MacEwan University Sport and Wellness. She specializes in working with people with specific health conditions, ones recovering from injury, as well as beginners just starting out.