It’s the start of a new term, year, or even your post-secondary career. You have new classes, classrooms, professors, classmates, homework, assignments, labs… it’s a lot, we know. Playing sports can help you manage it all while keeping you physically, mentally and socially active.

Leagues can be a stress reliever

With everything going on academically, sometimes the best thing you can do is take a mental break. Activity boosts your endorphins and helps improve your mood. Plus, running, kicking, throwing, and playing can help you channel your energy into something positive.

Leagues give you regular exercise

While giving you a break from your studies, exercise actually helps your studies! What? Mind blown! Exercise promotes brain development, improves concentration and as already noted, can lift your mood.

Leagues are social

University can be overwhelming as it’s often the largest school you’ve been a part of, so it can be harder to make connections. You’ll meet new people who are likely going through the same growth and challenges as you. Individuals will become teammates and even friends, which will give you self-confidence and help you throughout school life.

Leagues are planned for you

Leagues give you a scheduled break from class. You don’t have to worry about anything but showing up and playing. The games are scheduled, the stats are compiled, and you just get to have fun.

Leagues develop leaders

If you like to be more involved with preparation and development, or you’ve played the sport for a long time and have skills and knowledge to pass on to others, consider becoming a league captain and developing leadership skills along with athletic ones.

Leagues give you a chance to try something new

Maybe your high school didn’t have dodgeball, or you never tried out for the volleyball, soccer, badminton, or basketball teams. Leagues give you that chance to try something new, like pickleball and innertube water polo (part of multi-sport), plus develop some skills and perhaps give you a new sport to love for life.

We offer soccer, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, badminton, dodgeball, pickleball and multi-sport. Our Leagues are open to all MacEwan students, alums, MacEwan Employees, Sport and Wellness members and the public. Register by January 15 and save with early bird pricing. Check out and sign-up now for Leagues at MacEwan University Sport and Wellness, they’re open to everyone! Don’t wait; registration closes on January 22!