Exercise: Tricep Dips on Chairtri-dips1-400px

This exercise is perfect for those with a lot of family members at holiday dinners. Strong arms mean you can carry more on your plate before anyone else gets to it!

Target Body Part: Upper Body

Target Muscle groups: Triceps

Equipment Needed: Chair, bench, couch

Performance Points:

  • Set up at the edge of a chair, hands facing forward gripping the edge of the seat.
  • Lower yourself to the floor by bending at the elbows, keeping back as close to the chair as possible.


  • Level 1 – bend legs to decrease the difficulty of this exercise
  • Level 2 – keep legs straight extended out to increase difficulty, keeping back close to the chair
  • Level 3 – add some weight! Have a pet? Invite them to sit on your lap while you perform the exercise (or stack all of your holiday gifts onto your lap…. Or use weights, who am I to judge).

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by Megan Denholm

Megan Denholm is a Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate and is certified with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists as a Certified Personal Trainer. She is also a certified group fitness leader through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association. She believes that finding a form of fitness that you enjoy is the key to making physical activity a beneficial part of everyday life. She enjoys working with any individual looking to challenge themselves and achieve their health and fitness goals.