Put your hand up if you’ve ever felt low back pain, sore hips, sciatica tension, or stiffness? Approximately 1 in 10 people report having some sort of pain in the low back and hips. Numerous experiences can contribute to this, including lifting heavy objects, prolonged sitting, trauma to the area, overuse, or muscle imbalance. 

While strength training and stretching the hamstrings are critical- a little massage and release can also assist in lengthening the muscles, reducing injury and inflammation. 

When imbalances happen, this causes certain muscle groups to become compensatory and overwork to support the structures, which can lead to strains or sprains. Considering this, it’s usually not the actual low back that is causing the pain but tends to be the recipient of pain. Targeting the hip structure and massaging through the whole glute complex can help to bring relief.

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By Jenni Varughese

Jenni is an exercise specialist and instructor at MacEwan University Sport and Wellness. Certified with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Jenni has worked with a great range of clientele – predominantly those with chronic disease, pre/post-op orthopedic surgery, and mental health challenges.