Hello Everyone, welcome back.

So holidays are over and we are back to the grind of school once again and may I be the first to say I am not ready… not even a little bit. So this is my last semester of school and I will be graduating… well that’s the plan anyways and I have NEVER EVER been so stressed in my life. I’m hyperventilating I’m so stressed.

However, since it’s the beginning of a new year and many people are deciding to work on their health by hitting the gym, I just wanted to be the first to say starting this journey is the best thing you could have possibly done for yourself! I know in my experience, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

So with trying new things comes with it a certain amount of insecurity. Don’t worry. We all have started somewhere and by no means were we running 30 minutes straight or lifting 50 pound dumbbells our first time at the gym. In fact, I am still not doing that, but my point is that you shouldn’t compare yourself to someone else who is able to run more than you or lift heavier than you.

I was recently reading something about gym shaming or “new year resolutioners”. Basically “regulars” seemed to be annoyed by the fact that flocks of new people come into the gym and take up space and equipment. As well as the fact that most of these people won’t stick around for long anyways. I won’t lie, I’m guilty of this too sometimes, however I realized that perhaps if regulars acted more friendly and encouraging to these new people that they might become regulars themselves. Just a friendly smile and a welcoming environment can make all the difference to people wanting to come back consistently. The Sport and Wellness centre is great for that and the staff are always up for lending a hand to improve your understanding of equipment or form. The trainers love to see that you want to develop your fitness skills! So don’t hesitate to ask them!

You are all capable of whatever you want. Listen to your body and mind and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Good luck everyone and talk to you next week.