The last step to fully developing your back crawl is the coordination of both arm and leg movements.

Arms should move in an alternating manner.  As one arm finishes the drive (the final push before breaking the surface), the other arm should be ready to start the next propulsive phase. Kicking should be consistent, relaxed and rhythmic. Ideally, you will complete four kicks for every arm cycle.  

A common mistake is the swimmer pausing their pull with their arm by their side, allowing for the other arm to catch up.

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By Jason Britton and Alex Lee

Jason is a full-time Lifeguard/Instructor here at MacEwan University Sport and Wellness. He has over 19 years of aquatic and coaching experience and is one of the main organizers of  SwimRun Edmonton.

Alex is a certified Swim for Life and Lifesaving Instructor with the Lifesaving Society. He is a Junior Griffins Aquatic Camp Counselor and has developed the water safety education programming used in the Jr. Griffins Aquatics Camps.