From yoga to triathlon training, barre to boxing, there are endless fitness trends to choose from for your workout. Take our quiz to find out which MacEwan University Sport and Wellness fitness class is right for you!

  • When you go to the gym, the first place you head to is the:
    1. Class Studio – Gotta be early to get the best spot in front!
    2. Treadmills – Ready to get that heart racing!
    3. Weightlifting Platforms – new personal best lift today for sure!
    4. Gymnasium – It’s game time! Shooting hoops, agility, sprints, anything to get the win!
    5. Stretching Mats – A core circuit and a long stretch, this is the year of the splits!
  • Your idea of a fun Saturday is:
    1. Party night!! I want to hit the busiest spot in town!
    2. Going for an early morning jog.
    3. Same thing I do every Saturday! Big breakfast, read a book, walk the dog, hang out with friends.
    4. Oilers playing? Eskimos? Whoever is playing I want to be there.
    5. I like a quiet relaxing Saturday with a yoga practice to wake me up.
  • If you could choose a superpower, it would be:
    1. The ability to be in multiple places at once!
    2. Super-strength.
    3. To be the best at every sport.
    4. Ultra-bendy Powers to stretch to any length.

  • Your workout playlist is filled with:
    1. High-energy, upbeat music with all the hits!
    2. Tempo music to fuel my run.
    3. Rock and heavy metal so I can crank out those heavy lifts.
    4. Pump up jams and victory lap songs!
    5. Zen music to stretch and relax with.
  • After the workout is done, you can be found:
    1. Chatting it up with your friends.
    2. Hitting the showers, that was a sweaty workout!
    3. Writing down all my PR’s.
    4. Celebrating a victory with my team!
    5. Cooling down with a long stretch.
  • Your post-workout meal consists of:
    1. A bite to eat out with my friends, we earned it together!
    2. All of the carbs after all that cardio!
    3. Protein shakes on protein shakes on protein shakes.
    4. Cold beer out with the team of course!
    5. Acai bowl with flax seeds and fresh fruit for energy.
  • Your workout attire consists of:
    1. Bright comfy clothes in every single colour!
    2. Top of the line running shoes and sweat wicking gear.
    3. Lifting shoes and a weight belt!
    4. Team jersey obviously!
    5. Comfy and tight yoga gear so it stays in place when I move.

Mostly A’s – Group Fitness

You feed off the energy of others and love a good party! For strength training, try a studio class like Muscle Mania, Power Hour Conditioning or Final Cut. For cardio, get your feet moving with Cardio Dance or Cardio Box!

Mostly B’s – Cardio Junkie

Hearts racing and sweat pouring, you’re not one to back down from a fast-paced workout! Check out Spin, Spin & Tone, Spin & Core for a drill based, intense bike workout to burn fat and increase cardiovascular health. Not a bike lover? Check our Cardio Dance or Cardio box for a whole-body workout! If you want it all, try out City Centre Runners and newly Value-Added Triathlon Training!

Mostly C’s – Structure for Success

You believe that practice makes perfect, success comes with repetition and you love to see your progress increase over time. Try a structured registered program like Better Body Bootcamp or Learn Olympic Weightlifting to take your strength and conditioning to the next level.

Mostly D’s Athlete

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a fine tuned competitive machine, sport is the way to your heart when it comes to your workout! If you’ve got a race goal in mind, check out Triathlon Training and City Centre Runners to fine tune your bike, swim, run and strength skills to crush the competition. Got a fighting spirit? Try a registered program like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, or Learn Olympic Weightlifting!

Mostly E’s Flexible and Fierce

You love to stretch your limits! Regardless of mobility or strength level, a registered program like Yoga, Barre or Pilates will fine tune your movements and increase your mobility, strength and toning. These classes incorporate low impact yet challenging core strengthening movements beneficial to all individuals’ fitness.

by Megan Denholm

Megan is a Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate from the University of Alberta. She is a CSEP-CPT certified Exercise Specialist with the MacEwan University Sport and Wellness fitness team.