Reading week is almost here. Are you excited? I SURE AM! I need a break and by break I mean sleep… I need sleep.

So I would like to talk about SPIN and in particular Tuesday nights with the lovely Becky. So if you have never done spin, I would highly recommend starting with this class. Becky is amazingly kind and positive and always up for making people laugh. She is also really personable and tells stories to help you get through the workout. Really you just need to ask her about all her spin class ideas (I believe she was the one behind a spin class where you got to watch the movie Elf). One of the best parts about spin, besides getting a great workout, is that anyone can do it. The instructors always say “Spin is like yoga. You work as hard as you want. It’s your class.” Before you say it, yes…your butt will be sore when you first start doing spin classes, but you will get used to it and find what is most comfortable for you. Or you can do as Becky says and invest in some padded bike shorts. She claims they are lifesavers.

I know I keep saying this but as a student I don’t have time to waste and the free fitness classes are great because you get a very good workout in a short amount of time. Classes tend to be less than an hour and you leave feeling great. I know when I go to the gym instead, I don’t work as hard and I take breaks looking for the next machine I will work on, etc. To put it this way, fitness classes are the best bang for your time and they’re the best workout for us students that need to get things done! Give it a try.

Have a good week and a nice reading week.