Many of us have already begun training for our summer races, outdoor adventures, or simply our summer body. Often the excuse arises that we are too busy or Split Squat, on stairsdon’t have time to stay active – we’re here to encourage you to keep the momentum going and stay faithful to fitness during the summer. If you’re new to exercise, take advantage of the warm weather and start a new fitness routine today!

  1. Start with a schedule. In the summer, many of us get busy with the extra chores, nights on the patio, or weekend trips, which can leave physical activity at the bottom of the to-do list. Treat fitness just as you would any other appointment and pencil it into your schedule– do not make excuses to cancel no matter how busy you get. Within your fitness plan, be sure to include a balance between aerobic activities and strength training to achieve the full benefits of exercise. Aerobic exercise should be scheduled at least three times a week to help improve heart and lung health. So start playing outdoor games, dust off your bike, or go for a run in the sun. Then add in resistance training at least once a week to improve bone health, body composition, and strength.
  2. Stick to your plan. Plan ahead. Bring your shoes, a change of clothes and a water bottle with you in the morning to use as a friendly reminder of your intent. Also, go with a set plan to maximize the time you have given yourself for your workouts and keep track of what you have done.
  3. Take your workout plan with you on holidays.  Many people take long summer holidays from work and go on vacation. But, this doesn’t mean they should take a vacation from their fitness routine too. Activity should be maintained on holidays to avoid reversibility of training or detraining. It doesn’t take long to backslide and start losing the health benefits you have worked so hard to achieve. With regards to aerobic capacity, research has shown measurable reductions in performance and physiological function after as a little of 1-2 weeks. Reductions in strength take a bit longer to occur, but are still significant after only a couple of weeks of inactivity. Maintaining a fitness routine while on vacation will also help maintain our desired body composition as we indulge in the extra food and beverages that tend to be associated with holidays.
  4. Need a plan that travels with you?  To maintain our strength and fitness, we don’t need to bring the gym with us. Although the equipment at the gym may be the best for seeing results quickly, we can maintain our strength and endurance with little to no equipment necessary. This can be done through a structured plan that uses body weight exercises or small portable equipment such as a TRX or a resistance band. Furthermore, the exercises can target our full body and can be completed in a short time. Exercises such as lunges, squats, step-ups or Bulgarian split squats can all be used to challenge the legs without any equipment. Likewise, various push-ups, dips, planks and pull-ups can all be done to target the upper body and can be adapted to meet anyone’s fitness level. While on holidays be sure to keep up with your running, walking and other outdoor activities as well to maintain your progress. For a detailed and personalized fitness program you can take with you on holidays, come to MacEwan University Sport and Wellness to meet with one of our highly qualified personal trainers.

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