Student Ombud Support offers an impartial, confidential and supportive space for students who are facing academic or non-academic issues (e.g. appeals, integrity violations, non-academic misconduct, etc.) at MacEwan University. Within this service, the student support coordinator and Student Ombud Support volunteers provide information, resources and guidance to students, while helping them navigate MacEwan’s policies and procedures. Our goal at Student Ombud Support is to ensure that no student will have to navigate their academic or non-academic issues alone.

When MacEwan students have questions about the academic or non-academic issue they are facing, they can reach out to our Student Ombud Support volunteers through a real-time direct messaging service on our webpage.

For those needing more in-depth support and information, they can also request to book a meeting with the student support coordinator through our direct messaging service. The role of the student support coordinator includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing students with applicable resources,
  • Explaining MacEwan’s policies and procedures in an accessible and comprehensive manner,
  • Sitting in as a non-speaking support person during meetings with MacEwan,
  • Offering edits to the student’s written requests in relation to the student’s specific academic or non-academic issue, and, above all,
  • Being a source of support during an incredibly challenging and confusing time for the student.

If you are recommending this service to a student, we ask that you refer them to our webpage so they can choose to either chat with a Student Ombud Support volunteer or book a meeting with the student support coordinator.

If you have any questions about this new service, please feel free to reach out to Isha, the Student Support Coordinator, at