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eLearning Office – Email vs Message in Blackboard

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

In Blackboard, you can use email or message to communicate with your students. But, what are the differences between the two?

This 90 second video tutorial will explain the differences between these two tools and assist you in choosing the right tool for your course.

Coming soon: Library Takeout

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

The Library is launching our Library Takeout service for items in our main collection (excluding textbooks). This service is for MacEwan students, faculty and staff. …

SAFE@MacEwan – MacEwan’s new safety app

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

There’s safe…and then there’s SAFE@MacEwan, MacEwan’s new and free safety app.
The move to a comprehensive safety app that puts safety information and resources at one’s …

eLearning Office – Gamify the course outline

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

Have you noticed students often have a lot of questions that can be addressed via the course outline? Or do you answer the same questions …

Budget Update – Questions and answers

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

The budget questions and answers have been updated on
As our budget process has wrapped up and I begin to transition out of the role …

eLearning Office – Adding tools in Blackboard

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

Did you know that Blackboard has several tools that can be added to your course? Items like Journals, Ares Course Reserves, Tasks, Wikis, Achievements, and …

eLearning Office – Accessible online documents: Why and how?

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

Curious about accessible document design, but not sure where to start? In this session, we’ll walk through why it’s important to create accessible online materials, …

Advising model update

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

I am pleased to announce that our new academic advising model will launch as of July 2. While there is still program-specific advising in the …

eLearning Office – Helping students

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

How will your students know how to access their courses in Blackboard? How will they know how to use Blackboard tools to submit assignments or …

Virtual Instructional Skills Workshop July 14-17

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

The Instructional Skills Workshop is a four-day workshop that provides participants with an opportunity to experiment with alternative instructional methodologies and receive feedback in a …

eLearning Office – Customizing your online course

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

Some MacEwan courses were developed for online delivery prior to COVID-19. These online courses and materials are available for any faculty member to use. Please …

Google Jamboard: A new whiteboard app

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

Jamboard is Google’s take on a digital whiteboard. The hardware runs the Jamboard application, which can also be accessed through a browser or mobile app …

Virtual town hall – summary

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

On June 24, l shared an online presentation and update on our budget, our relaunch strategy and on our future planning. Thank you to those …

Solve your OneDrive/SharePoint syncing issues

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

If you’ve tried to work with OneDrive/SharePoint files using desktop syncing, you may have run into issues where files added to a folder take a …

SSD is now Access and Disability Resources (ADR)

2020/07/01 – 8:30 am

As of July 1, Services to Students with Disabilities will change its name to Access and Disability Resources.
Why have we changed our name?

Library budget update and database cancellations

2020/07/01 – 8:30 am

The 2020/21 library collections budget is being reduced by just under 5 per cent, or $105,623, in keeping with budget cuts across the university. Therefore, …

Annual high voltage shutdowns

2020/07/01 – 8:30 am

We will be conducting annual high voltage shutdowns across the university as follows:

Robbins Health Learning Centre: July 11, starting at 7 p.m. and finishing the …

John McGrath’s final column as acting president

2020/06/24 – 8:35 am

I invite you to take a few minutes to read my final column as MacEwan University’s acting president. Despite the challenges we have faced over …

Help celebrate our grads on July 15

2020/06/24 – 8:32 am

As you may know, we have had to cancel our spring convocation ceremonies due to COVID-19. Though nothing will replace celebrating in person, we have …

Teaching and learning coffee break

2020/06/24 – 8:30 am

Each Thursday, our educational developers will be available online for faculty and staff needing guidance related to teaching and learning.
If you have a question, are …

Retirement celebration for Abigail Parrish-Craig

2020/06/24 – 8:30 am

We invite you to join us in celebrating the career of Abigail Parrish-Craig. Abigail is retiring on June 30, following 27 years of leading Services …

Adobe Creative Cloud expires July 7

2020/06/24 – 8:30 am

Adobe Creative Cloud software as currently available will expire July 7, 2020. After this date, Creative Cloud will be assigned based on named users. This …

MAG: Art From Here continues

2020/06/24 – 8:30 am

Art From Here — an ongoing collaborative project between the Mitchell Art Gallery, Latitude 53, Ociciwan Contemporary Art Centre and Snap Gallery — continues!
Last week …

Network outage on June 28

2020/06/24 – 8:30 am

There will be a network outage from Sunday, June 28 at 9 p.m. to Monday, June 29 at 1 a.m.
During the outage, the following will be inaccessible:

Blackboard Learn
Student and …

MAG: Exchange Artist Mentorship Program

2020/06/24 – 8:30 am

Meet the nine mentee-mentor teams participating in the MAG Exchange Artist Mentorship Program — a rapid response program designed to support artist connection and creation …

Access fund for Conservatory private music lessons

2020/06/24 – 8:30 am

Starting July 1, there is a new process for employees who plan to take private music lessons at the Conservatory of Music through the Employee …

MAG: Art From Here

2020/06/17 – 8:30 am

Christina Battle, guest curator of our last exhibition, Grasping at the Roots, is now part of Art From Here, a collaborative project between the MAG, …