The first pages rebuilt in the new mobile-friendly design — program web segments — are now live.

The new website layout has stronger visual components and streamlined content and navigation and is optimized for viewing on all devices, important as people increasingly navigate the web using a mobile device.

Global navigation
The updated global navigation is four main pieces linking to a landing page for each, from which users can navigate. Visitors to the old/existing website will see the same top four pieces of navigation and links to the landing pages in the new site. This will help people navigate between the old and new sites.

Improved search
The website search is still powered by Google but provides results in an easier-to-read list, which is also responsive. It will take time for Google to start returning newer pages before older pages, as the number of hits to the new pages increases. Redirects have been set up for many top-level pages, which will also help Google search results be more effective.

A new programs list page allows users to search and to filter by different categories. This search/filter page will continue to be enhanced.

Faculty/staff listings
The data elements used to populate lists of faculty in the academic program segments are still being rebuilt for the new website. For the short term, faculty listings will not be on the program sites. When they are rebuilt in the new content management system, they will be added to the program segments.

The first phase of this web project is focused on rebuilding academic programs, and subsequent phases will include rebuilding news, events, the home page, and remaining web segments.

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