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Tag: workout

Get Back in the Game

One giant component to staying active that is often overlooked once people reach adulthood is the fun factor. While parking farther away from the grocery store entrance, juggling finances to invest in a treadmill desks, or...

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8 Reasons Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga holds two very different misconceptions that deter individuals from participating: It’s too hard – a serious practice with strong powerful flows and holding intense poses. It’s too easy – a seated hour of OM-ing and...

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6 Ways to a New You

New year, new beginnings, and new opportunities. It can be overwhelming to establish a healthy routine that has a positive impact on your fitness and wellness. We believe it’s important to make your goals attainable and...

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Study, Workout, Sleep- Repeat!

Exam season is fast approaching, and stress levels are on the rise. The typical response for most students is to disappear into a mass of books for the next three weeks. Writing papers and studying takes over all aspects of...

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Wall Sit w/ Tricep Dips

Equipment needed: none Muscle groups used: Wall Sit – glutes, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings. Tricep Dip – triceps, anterior deltoid, pectoralis major. How to Perform: Partner A begins with back against a wall. Step feet forward...

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