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To keep fit and prepared for when the swimming pool is ready to open again, this series will present some exercises that you can do at home with minimal to no equipment requirements.

The first exercise in the series is jumping rope. Jump rope is a great way to keep your cardiovascular fitness while improving coordination and working a number of muscles that you use while swimming. If you have a skipping rope, great, but this can even be done without. Try doing a set of five times through 30 seconds skipping with a 30-second rest. 

As you get stronger and more coordinated at this, you may increase the repetitions, or increase the duration of the skipping segments. You can also challenge yourself with variations from a basic two-foot jump to an alternate foot jump, or a high knees jump.

By Jason Britton

Jason is a Lifeguard/Instructor at MacEwan University Sport and Wellness. He has over 20 years of swim and triathlon coaching experience and is the race director of  SwimRun Edmonton.