You have a few minutes of down time or are waiting in line for your coffee and need a mental break, so you bust out your Games folder on your phone and play some classics like Cribbage, Clue, Scrabble and Monopoly.

We get it, they’re more convenient, there’s no set up time, the cards are dealt for you, but your missing out on a lot of benefits.

It’s Social

You miss out on the fun of getting together with friends, family or coworkers and socialize while you take a break from your day. Getting together in social situations will help build comradery, reduce isolation, facilitate teamwork and help improve communication skills. Plus, you may end up with some bragging rights until the next time you sit down and play!

Mental Health Benefits

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, and a 20-year French population based study, playing board games helps prevent cognitive decline, reduces depression, and has been associated with reducing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Regular play of games helps strengthen our mental muscles!


Teachers have taken to board games to improve learning in the classroom. Games help children learn reasoning, strategy, planning, social skills and about winning and losing. And that continues into adulthood- just imagine playing your 12-year-old self in a game of Risk!


Board games have been used to as part of physiotherapy for trauma, with people with disabilities, children and the elderly to help with coordination, fine motor skills, muscle and nerve function. Playing games has also paired with lowering stress and blood pressure, at least until someone sinks your battleship!

These are just a few of the benefits playing board games have. Go check your closet for your favourite board game now and start playing! Did you know that we have a Games Lounge right here on campus? There are over 10 board games that you can play with along with 2 ping pong tables. Grab your colleagues and head down to Building 8 Room 211.  Just $5 gives you access to the Games Lounge for the whole summer.