I know you’ll miss that refreshing feeling of jumping in the pool for a swim, that sense of accomplishment when you check the clock and you hit the wall even quicker, plus there’s the camaraderie of your friends and fellow swimmers who show the same passion. Don’t worry, you still get most of that outside of the pool.

Physical activity should be balanced between strength and resistance, cardiovascular, mobility, balance, and flexibility.

With the pool closing this spring and summer for renovations, here’s some suggestions from Sport and Wellness staff of things you can do outside of the pool to benefit you for when you dive back in this fall!

Brittany- Aquatics Programmer and Lifeguard

  • Walking outside is a wonderful way to get active and enjoy the outdoors; I would recommend finding a few people you work with to do this with you daily. It is amazing how much more enjoyable a workout walk is when you have someone else to talk to, the more fellow walkers the merrier. Start off with a short distance at a moderate pace and set a goal for yourself to increase both your distance and pace by the end of the summer. This will help to improve your cardio fitness and endurance in anticipation of our pool re-opening.

James – Exercise Specialist and Fitness Class Instructor

  • Our spin classes, offered Monday – Friday, provide a low-impact activity that builds on your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.
  • Come into the fitness area and have one of our staff show you a few exercises that focus on improving your mobility and strength specific to swimming
  • Come to our City Centre Runners class, and get a coached workout in while enjoying our YEG spring and summer weather.

Cindy – Exercise Specialist and Fitness Class and Aquatic Instructor

  • Other group fitness classes like cardio dance, are perfect for those who like swimming laps and are looking to get your heart rate up!
  • For the older population who attend aquafit, there are options like the morning Older Adult classes that target functional movement, muscular endurance and strength, aerobic endurance, plus sit and be fit for those less mobile.

Terra – Fitness Supervisor and Fitness Class Instructor

  • Participate in the new value-added Triathlon strength training session (Mondays at 6:30 a.m.), focuses on building sport specific strength for the swimming, cycling and running.
  • Do Personal Training with a trainer to have a sport specific training program together that focuses on strengthening the core swimming muscles.
  • Use a mixture of cardio machines in the fitness area that requires the use of the arms (i.e. elliptical, rowing machine, arm ergometer). This will work on building a cardiovascular base more specific to swimming.

Marc- Marketing Manager

  • Take part in our value-added or registered classes. Seeing the same people every week work through a class along side you; be it one of our spin or other aerobic classes, Better Body Bootcamp, Cardio Box, Barre or Olympic Lifting, you draw on each other to help motivate you and you’ll develop a friendship that extends beyond the gym.

Whatever your motivation or interest, just visit one of our friendly staff and find out the best way you can take advantage of our facility and the outdoors to keep you active while you wait for our pool to re-open.