This one is a great exercise for getting a jump on your New Year’s fitness resolution when regretting that extra serving of dessert. Abs of steel 2017deadbug-400px here you come!

Target Muscle Group: Core

Performance Points:

  • Start lying on your back with arms and legs extended straight up in the air.
  • Keeping limbs straight, drop opposite arm and leg back to the floor, stopping just before contact with floor is made.
  • Bring limbs back up to start position and alternate with other arm and leg.
  • Beware of family pets looking for leftovers and kisses!


  • Level 1: Reduce range of motions of limb drop, optional to keep legs bent.
  • Level 2: Extend the range of motion and keep legs straight.
  • Level 3: Try holding a stability ball with the stationary limbs for some extra resistance.

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by Megan Denholm

Megan Denholm is a Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate and is certified with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists as a Certified Personal Trainer. She is also a certified group fitness leader through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association. She believes that finding a form of fitness that you enjoy is the key to making physical activity a beneficial part of everyday life. She enjoys working with any individual looking to challenge themselves and achieve their health and fitness goals.