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Deposit Student Work in RO@M

Submitted by on 2020/04/22 – 8:30 am

Students can now upload works to MacEwan’s online research repository (RO@M) any time with a faculty member’s approval. Faculty are encouraged to share this opportunity with students who have produced exceptional work and wish to deposit it.

Suitable works include any scholarly or creative work that a faculty member has deemed outstanding. These works will serve as a model to students in their educational endeavours while providing evidence of student accomplishment for inclusion in resumes, CVs, and portfolios.

Submission Instructions

To submit works, students should go to the student deposit form and log in with their MacEwan Network ID and password.

The file upload form will ask for:

  • A faculty member’s name and email (for posting approval)
  • Title of the work
  • A brief abstract or description of the work

Students may choose to share works openly online, only with MacEwan users able to log in, or following an embargo period.

Detailed instructions are available here.

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