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Results of radon testing on campus

Submitted by on 2020/02/19 – 8:30 am

In late 2018, Facilities published a piece in MacEwan Today describing the implementation of a small, proactive program to measure radon levels in various locations across City Centre Campus.

We are now able to share the results of the program, which found that the areas tested were well within Health Canada’s guideline for acceptable radon levels.

Radon, a naturally occuring colourless, odourless, radioactive gas created from the decay or uranium, is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking. Health Canada radon guidelines indicate that an acceptable level of radon is 200 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3). 

Beginning in late 2018, radon detectors were placed in 67 monitoring locations at MacEwan, including labs, rooms and offices in the basement of Building 5, Early Learning at MacEwan, and Residence. Radon levels in those spaces ranged from 15 Bq/m3 to 30 Bq/m3. These results are well within the Health Canada guideline and do not indicate the presence of elevated radon levels.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Miriam Stanisavljevic, Facilities Quality Manager.