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Electric space heaters in the workplace

Submitted by on 2020/02/19 – 8:30 am

With the recent cold weather, there have been concerns raised about individual space heaters and foot warmers being used at MacEwan University. This is a reminder that the use of electric personal heaters and foot warmers on campus is not acceptable, and raises serious safety concerns. Use of these units put our campus at a greater risk of electrical fires, especially if these units are plugged into extension cords.

Electric heaters also create false high temperature readings with our HVAC systems, which are controlled by temperature sensors throughout the university. False high temperature signals cause the HVAC systems to cool down the entire floor area. As the working areas cool down, people tend to turn the heat up on their electric heaters and when the HVAC system picks up false high heat readings, it must work harder to cool the space down. This creates a continuous cycle which consumes a lot of electrical energy and contravenes the university’s Campus Sustainability plan.

If the temperature in your work space requires adjustment, please submit a service request using the Facilities Information Management System (FIMS) – click on “submit a service request” to add your information.

All electric heaters and foot warmers must be disconnected and removed from your office or workstations.