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Confidence Line: MacEwan’s confidential reporting line

Submitted by on 2019/12/11 – 8:30 am

In 2017, MacEwan University introduced Confidence Line, a tool for students, staff and faculty to confidentially report any unwanted or unethical behaviour they may have witnessed or experienced at MacEwan.

Since then, Confidence Line has become a helpful way for members of the MacEwan community to safely and anonymously report concerns to the university.

In the next few days, new Confidence Line posters will be distributed around campus. When your department receives the new poster, please discard any old versions, and post the new one in a place that is accessible enough for staff and students to see it, but private enough for them to take the contact information discreetly.

Thank you for helping us to make MacEwan a better place to work and study.

Read more about Confidence Line.

Confidence Line contact information

Confidence Line is just one option for reporting issues at MacEwan. You may also choose to report to the following areas:

For Students:

The dean of your faculty or school

For Staff and Faculty: