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Be safe with multi-factor authentication

Submitted by on 2019/10/23 – 8:30 am

An extra level of security to protect your account from hacking and phishing, multi-factor authentication uses a second source to confirm your identity (your password being your first source). MacEwan University uses a mobile application called Duo Mobile (not to be confused with Google Duo) for our second authentication. You can learn more about multi-factor authentication here. 

If someone logs in using your password on a device not recognized by MacEwan, you will be prompted on your mobile device or desktop phone (something hackers or thieves won’t have access to) to confirm it’s you. You can set this check up to happen once every seven days for each device.

Note: if you use Duo Mobile for multi-factor authentication, you don’t need to set up multi-factor authentication for Google and Microsoft separately.

Although multi-factor authentication is not mandatory, it’s highly recommended if you have research, financial or student data on your device.

The setup process is self-explanatory but you can watch the setup here.

1. Log in to the portal and choose Account Preferences from the menu when you click on your name.
2. Select Multi-Factor Authentication from the menu on the left.

Once you’ve completed the process, your device will be asked for authentication whenever you log in to any of MacEwan’s single sign-on services on a new device. If you don’t have access to your authentication device, contact Tech Support for a temporary access code.

For more information visit the Technology Support page.