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Moving files from personal network folders to OneDrive

Submitted by on 2019/04/10 – 8:30 am

The next phase of the Microsoft Office 365 migration project will be to move all files in the MacEwan personal network folders, otherwise known as the “M” drive, to OneDrive. This move will provide MacEwan staff and faculty easier remote access to personal work files. If you have been using NetStorage to access your personal network folders off campus, you can now move your documents into OneDrive. Then you will be able to access them without the need for logging in to the virtual private network (VPN) when off campus.

Instructions for how to move files to OneDrive have been added to the myPortal Tech Support page in an accordion called Microsoft Office 365. If you need help moving your files, or for information or help using OneDrive, please contact TechSupport at