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New travel processes: Spotlight on travel authorization

Submitted by on 2019/01/16 – 8:30 am

This is the fourth in a series of articles about the university’s new processes for domestic and international travel, scheduled for release in February 2019. The processes consist of a streamlined series of repeatable steps for the traveller, and a set of tools to guide them through the process. The end result is to increase domestic and international travel safety for the university’s students, faculty and staff. This article shines the spotlight on travel authorization.

The new travel processes will require all travellers to have their MacEwan-related travel outside of the Edmonton area authorized prior to arranging and registering their travel. One streamlined form for all travel will replace the many forms that exist now. The form will ask travellers to identify a traveller type (e.g., student, faculty or group travel), some basic information about themselves, and details of their travel. Depending on the type of travel chosen, and the activities it includes, travellers may be asked to complete a hazard assessment. After the traveller completes the remaining travel details in the form, a click of a button forwards the form for review and authorization to the designated authorizer.

Please visit MacEwan’s Safe at MacEwan web page to see the travel process steps. The new processes are scheduled for release in February 2019. In the meantime, existing procedures for travel remain in place.

Watch for more information in MacEwan Today in the coming weeks leading up to the launch of the new travel processes in February. If you would like to comment or need more information please send an email to