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Learn a new language in 2019!

Submitted by on 2019/01/09 – 8:30 am

French Level I: Jan. 22
Gain basic French pronunciation and conversational skills, including the vocabulary used to ask and answer questions relating to the time, date and various other types of information.

French Level II: Jan. 24
Practice and build your French language skills by adding to your vocabulary and increasing your ability to express yourself using different verb tenses, adjectives, and adverbs.

French Level III: Apr. 25
Improve your speaking and listening abilities as well as your reading and writing skills by learning and applying intermediate to advanced French language grammatical tenses.

Spanish Level I: Jan. 22
Learn to speak everyday Spanish for travel and basic social interactions. Topics include: asking for and giving personal information, exchanging greetings and introductions, asking for directions and describing people and places.

Spanish Level II: Jan. 23
Become familiar with the cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking world, and strengthen your verbal and written communication abilities by building your vocabulary and grammar skills.

The Art of Creative Writing: Feb. 6
Whether you are new to creative writing or would like to hone your skills, this course invites you to explore the fundamentals of writing poetry, fiction and narrative nonfiction.

Focus on Wellness

Reiki I: Feb. 1
Need more relaxation in your life? Discover the ancient Japanese practice of Reiki to harness the power of touch and energy flow to reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing.