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From the VP, University Relations: New guidelines for political activity on campus

Submitted by on 2019/01/09 – 8:30 am

It is expected that a provincial election may be called within the next few weeks. As an institution of higher learning, MacEwan is committed to the free expression of political views by members of the university community and to the value of discussion and debate as an essential part of contemporary education.

However, as a publicly funded institution, it is also important that the university is, and is seen to be, apolitical in any municipal, provincial or federal political campaign. If the university is perceived as partisan, there may be risks to relationships with government and community partners. If you

have planned interactions with elected officials of any level of government, please share this information with the University Relations office for awareness, advice and assistance.

As employees of the university, we all have a professional responsibility to protect MacEwan’s reputation. The university has developed a set of guidelines to assist employees who are involved in, or are considering involvement in, political activities. These guidelines encompass:

  • the use of university resources in connection with partisan political campaign activities,
  • employee involvement in partisan political activities in the workplace,
  • election campaigning on university property, and
  • university-sanctioned political forums and debates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Myrna Khan

Vice-president, University Relations