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New issue of The Scavenger magazine

Submitted by on 2018/01/24 – 8:30 am

The Scavenger is written by the fourth-year feature writing class.

The theme of this year’s issue of The Scavenger is, for want of a better term, The Fringe – people on the outside or the underside of our society, and people who are trying to make a difference in that context.

Our offerings include a three-piece suite of articles dealing with PTSD, a pair of profiles of people confronting casual racism in the city, an exploration of how downtown gentrification is displacing some of our most vulnerable citizens, and a look at the wave of sexual-harassment allegations that has broken over our city’s music industry.

Despite the theme, it’s a pretty eclectic mix, and, because of the unusually large size of our feature-writing class, a big one. There are 14 stories in all.

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