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Welcome to the jungle

Submitted by on 2017/09/06 – 8:30 am

In May, a group from the communication studies department spent a week in Ecuador taking pictures and shooting video, and talking to scientists, political observers and indigenous people about the struggle to find a balance between economics and the environment in a unique and fragile ecosystem. 

The aim was to create a website that tells the story of the Tiputini Biodiversity Station of Universidad San Francisco de Quito, in the tropical rainforest of Ecuador’s Amazonas Oriente region, near the Peruvian frontier. This is an area of extreme biological diversity and great beauty—which, unfortunately, is sitting on a sea of oil.

Six third- and fourth-year journalism students (Courtney Bettin, Sierra Bilton, Hamdi Issawi, Jake Pesaruk, Maria Silva and Jazmin Tremblay), one fourth-year political science student (Phillip Swallow) and two professors (Jason Symington and Brian Gorman) spent two weeks in the capital city of Quito and at the Tiputini station in the rainforest.

What our students came back with has been assembled into the website, The Tiputini Project, accessible through MacEwan Journalism’s City’s Centre portal.