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New scholarship, bursary and award database launch

Submitted by on 2017/07/19 – 8:30 am

On July 25, a new system for the management of scholarships, awards and bursaries (SAB) at MacEwan will go live. The system is fully integrated with PeopleSoft and is accessed through myStudentSystem, with a searchable database on the university website.

The new streamlined system offers many benefits to students.

  • Students can now apply to numerous scholarships, awards and bursaries through a single application process.
  • Students are presented with a tailored list of scholarships, awards and bursaries that they are eligible for, based on their academic record (e.g., academic program, GPA) and their responses to specific questions (e.g., Alberta residency).
  • Students access the SAB application as an item on their To Do List in myStudentSystem. They can save their progress and return to the application as many times as they wish up until the close date. The system provides a consolidated dashboard for students to view the SABs they have applied for, the status of the application, and adjudication status once the decision is final.

This fall, additional features will be added to the system, including offer/disbursement of funds and automated offers to students who are eligible for entrance and continuing scholarships.

The existing awards database will be decommissioned on July 20. The public database will be available at