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20 million steps and counting: UWALK Summer Steps Group Challenge

Submitted by on 2014/07/23 – 8:30 am

Twenty million steps and counting, 35 days remaining, 62 current members! That’s 18,434 steps left per person per day to reach our target between now and August 25. Would you like to help us? Join our Summer Steps Group Challenge — every step counts! Remember, research shows that 10,000 steps a day keeps the doctor away! More than 500 steps per day means you are avoiding sedentary behaviour and are on your way to keeping the doctor away.

WINNER of the last UWALK Trivia Game question: Lachell Leibel – congratulations!

UWALK Trivia Game: Question 4 of 5

If I exit the MacEwan University Tower’s Starbucks patio on foot, take 10 walking lunges southwest, execute five pushups, lightly jog due east for 10 seconds, turn 90 degrees counterclockwise, and walk 10 yards northwest:

  1. What “tool/equipment/object/surface,” other than the ground, is available for your use to execute another five push-ups?
  2. How many steps does this adventure accrue?

You must be a Summer Steps Group Challenge participant to win a prize. Correct entries will be put into a draw and a winner will be selected for each question. Submit your answers to Susie at

Next free exercise blitz: Wednesday, August 13 (Summer Step Group Challenge members meet in the Sport and Wellness lobby for 5 p.m.).