WILU 2012 Steering Committee

Conference Co-Chairs: Jessica Knoch & Valla McLean

Roxy Garstad and Sonya Betz, Chairs, Accomodations & Local Arrangements Committee
Sandy Stift, Chair, Hospitality Committee
Lisa Shamchuk, Chair, Marketing and Outreach Committee
Eva Revitt, Chair, Programming Committee
Yvonne Rezek, Chair, Sponsorship Committee
Lana Thompson, Chair, Volunteers and Convenors Committee
Richard Hayman, Chair, Web Committee
Glenna Helm, Treasurer and Logistics

The Steering Committee is grateful to these colleagues for their contributions to the various planning commitees:
Michelle Bezenar, Kathy Blasko, Janet Day, Jill Day, Marge Gray, Karen Hering, Brian Jackson, Katherine Koch (Univ. of Alberta), Nicolle Lemay, Debbie McGugan, Tara Stieglitz, and Robert Zylstra

We are also pleased to have representatives from the 2011 and 2013 WILU conferences:
Christine Neilson and Robert Thomas, WILU 2011 Co-Chairs
Joanne Smyth and Lesley Balcom, WILU 2013 Co-Chairs



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