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Guides and Guidelines

Poster Guidelines

The purpose of this initiative is to establish a university standard for promoting events and activities on campus through the appropriate use of posters, one that supports a safe, clean, attractive and sustainable campus.

Brand Identity Guide

Log into https://myportal.macewan.ca/group/staff/office-of-communications-and-marketing (or myportal.MacEwan.ca > Templates > Visual Identity and Brand Management) for a guide to using our new brand. Find out where to find templates, how to order name tags and instructions for formatting your email signature here.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the brand, contact communications@macewan.ca.

Editorial Style Guide

The MacEwan University Editorial Style Guide provides guidelines on style, punctuation and spelling for general business communications. It is designed to provide consistency and clarity in the university’s messaging, and should be used as a reference when creating:

  • everyday university correspondence (letters, memos, emails)
  • marketing and communications materials
  • signage
  • reports

This guide is not intended to supersede established style guidelines for writing materials such as instructional and other academic materials or university policy.

If you have any questions regarding style or this publication, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at communications@macewan.ca.