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eLearning Office – Email vs Message in Blackboard

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

In Blackboard, you can use email or message to communicate with your students. But, what are the differences between the two?
This 90 second video tutorial …

eLearning Office – Gamify the course outline

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

Have you noticed students often have a lot of questions that can be addressed via the course outline? Or do you answer the same questions …

eLearning Office – Adding tools in Blackboard

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

Did you know that Blackboard has several tools that can be added to your course? Items like Journals, Ares Course Reserves, Tasks, Wikis, Achievements, and …

eLearning Office – Accessible online documents: Why and how?

2020/07/08 – 8:30 am

Curious about accessible document design, but not sure where to start? In this session, we’ll walk through why it’s important to create accessible online materials, …

eLearning Office – Helping students

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

How will your students know how to access their courses in Blackboard? How will they know how to use Blackboard tools to submit assignments or …

eLearning Office – Customizing your online course

2020/07/02 – 8:30 am

Some MacEwan courses were developed for online delivery prior to COVID-19. These online courses and materials are available for any faculty member to use. Please …

eLearning Office – Recording video with Kaltura Capture

2020/06/17 – 8:30 am

Adding short videos to your course is an effective way to engage your students. Did you know that we have a dedicated tool called Kaltura …

eLearning Office – Adding course content to Blackboard

2020/06/17 – 8:30 am

Okay, so you’ve been assigned a course in PeopleSoft and have an empty shell in Blackboard. Now what? We have a video that shows you …

eLearning Office – Changing due dates in Blackboard

2020/06/17 – 8:30 am

Do you need to quickly change the due dates in your next course? One of the more useful (but under-utilized) tools in Blackboard is the …

Employee-only programs survey

2020/06/17 – 8:30 am

Sport and Wellness wants to hear from you!
Changes are coming to our Employee-only programming and we want your input. Take part in our survey to …

eLearning Office – Copy your own courses

2020/06/17 – 8:30 am

Did you know that you can copy an existing course into the one you’re scheduled to teach?
We’ve got a video that shows you how. Watch …

Bridge the gap with business analysis skills

2020/06/17 – 8:30 am

Project requirements and designs are important aspects used by business analysts to guide change. If improperly identified, these factors can impact the solution of the …

Taking private lessons at the Conservatory of Music

2020/06/10 – 8:30 am

Starting July 1st, 2020, there is a new process for employees who plan to take private music lessons at the Conservatory of Music through the …

eLearning Office – Concepts, jargon and technical terms

2020/06/10 – 8:30 am

Do you need your students to remember technical terms, jargon and/or concepts? Did you know that Blackboard has a glossary function to help with this? …

Going remote with academic integrity

2020/06/10 – 8:30 am

Are you looking for concrete strategies to promote academic integrity and minimize cheating in your remote classrooms, as well as how to detect and respond …

eLearning Office – Support for your goals

2020/06/10 – 8:30 am

As faculty determine how to best use technologies like Blackboard, Collaborate Ultra (a synchronous conferencing tool), and Kaltura (a screen-capture and video streaming service) to …

eLearning Office – Video tutorials

2020/06/10 – 8:30 am

The eLearning Office has created a number of video tutorials for you and your students. These short videos show specific “how-to” instructions on using tools …

eLearning Office – Different ways to learn

2020/06/10 – 8:30 am

The eLearning Office continues to offer live, online training sessions. If you are unable to attend an “eLearning Blitz” or training workshop, recordings are available. …

Be an innovative leader who can handle conflict

2020/06/03 – 8:30 am

Managing Workplace Conflict
Conflict can be stressful but when managed correctly it can become a steppingstone to innovation. Become a leader who can effectively manage conflict …

Unconscious Bias workshop module now available on Blackboard

2020/06/03 – 8:30 am

This module provides an overview of how unconscious bias can seep into everyday interactions and explores what we can do to build the capacity to …

Strengthen your communication skills

2020/06/03 – 8:30 am

Project Stakeholder, Resources and Communications Management
Good communication is essential as a project manager or any role you are in. Sign up for Project Stakeholder, Resources …

New creative online courses available now!

2020/06/03 – 8:30 am

Starting Your Creative Business – new course coming June 9!
Do you have a creative side that fuels you? Share it with the world and become …

Upcoming training for expense and requisitions

2020/05/20 – 8:30 am

Expense Procurement and Contract Services (EPACS) invites you to attend one of our upcoming training sessions. These sessions are geared toward new or infrequent users …

Be an innovative leader

2020/05/20 – 8:30 am

Managing Workplace Conflict
Conflict can be stressful, but when managed correctly it can become a stepping stone to innovation. Become a leader who can effectively manage …

Go from inspiration to income!

2020/05/20 – 8:30 am

Starting Your Creative Business
If you’re looking to turn your creative hobby into a small business then this brand new course may be for you! This …

A Taste of Google Apps – May 27

2020/05/13 – 8:30 am

When: Wednesday, May 27, 9 – 11:30 a.m.
Simple collaboration, cloud storage, easy communications — discover how these simple concepts can quickly be applied to your …