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New business process for the Conservatory of Music

Submitted by on 2020/05/13 – 8:30 am

As part of our evaluation of programs across the university, and as a result of both the change in funding model for post-secondary institutions, and the short and long-term impacts of the COVID-19 situation, the Conservatory of Music operating model is changing. This change was necessary to support and ensure the viability of programs and services offered by the university, including the Conservatory.

The new model will operate with instructors paying a monthly service fee to access their studio teaching. Students will register and pay the Conservatory an annual registration fee, and pay their private lessons tuition directly to their instructors. In the previous model, students registered and paid the Conservatory an annual registration fee, and paid their private music lessons at the Conservatory office, instructors were then paid 80 per cent of the registration revenue.

While reducing administrative costs to the university, the change in operating model will enhance the competitiveness of our instructors within the music teaching industry while continuing to provide high-quality, student focused instruction. Our instructors will now be able to develop and implement their own studio policy, including registration, tuition payment and lessons withdrawal.

This flexibility will provide opportunities for new students, new processes and personalized student experiences that work best for each instructor. This new model will align well with what others in the music community are doing. The university will continue to provide support to the Conservatory and instructors including web services.

The rich history and excellence that surround the Conservatory of Music will remain the same. The dedication to the highest level of music instruction will also maintain a priority in operations and decision making. Concerts, courses, workshops and clinics will continue as planned.

For any questions or for more information please contact Maureen Ha at

From the Conservatory of Music