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Submitted by on 2020/03/11 – 8:30 am

May 26, 1989: Dangerous Ice Walk Successfully Completed

Angus Cockney, 32, a first year Audio Visual student, represented Canada on the successful international Ice Walk team who reached the North Pole on May 14th. Cockney was the only Canadian on the seven member team representing six different countries whose $3.6 million expedition was intended to focus attention on world-wide concerns with Arctic pollution. He is returning to Yellowknife for the summer to produce nature and environment videos before returning to the College’s AV program in September.

While news reports were tracking the international Ice Walk ’89 expedition, another grad was hard at work. Far from the icepack, in Ice Walk international headquarters in Ottawa, newly-minted journalism graduate Jennifer Tomas kept Canadian media posted on the trek. “Angus and I knew each other,” she says. “We’d quite often run into each other working in the darkroom. Then one day we were walking down the hallway and he mentioned he was going to the North Pole.” She sent the resulting piece to Ice Walk administrators and said she was interested in doing more. They asked her to join their multimedia team. She went March 28. Some days she fielded a dozen phone interviews from reporters across the country, though her training was for the other side of the interview. She even learned how to FAX information to Moscow! She credits instructors John Cooney and Doug Main with helping her handle electronic media. “And as I write stories, I keep remembering things my (MacEwan Journalist) editors Shelia Ehman and Keith Burgess, talked about.” To Jennifer Tomas’s credit, the accomplishment received international attention, and the College can take pride in the achievements of both students. (Source: MacEwan Today, May 26, 1989)

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