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Revised HSE Incident and Concern Report forms

Submitted by on 2020/01/22 – 8:30 am

Incident reporting
The Health and Safety Incident Report Form is for reporting incidents that occur during MacEwan course work, study assignments, practicums, MacEwan-related business or the use of MacEwan campus services. An incident is an occurrence that has/could have had an adverse impact, such as injury, illness or equipment failure. All incidents must be reported promptly to ensure that corrective actions are taken to prevent a recurrence, and to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, institutional policies, standards and programs.

A Health and Safety Incident Report form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Health, Safety and Environment.

Reporting a health and safety concern or hazard
Employees should proactively identify and report safety concerns related to biological, chemical, physical and psychological hazards. These concerns should be discussed with the immediate supervisor and then reported using the Employee Health and Safety Concern Report form. If the immediate manager/supervisor cannot resolve the issue, they will forward the concern to the area’s Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee (JWHSC) for resolution.

Where can I find these forms?
To complete a form, go to the Forms Cabinet in

If the injury/illness requires immediate assistance, 911 should be called first, and then call MacEwan Security Services at 780-497-5555.

Additional information is available on the HSE Google site under the Reporting section.

This article is brought to you by the Office of Health, Safety and Environment