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Access customized professional training for your team

Submitted by on 2018/11/28 – 8:30 am

Experiential Learning at MacEwan is a project-based teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in the “real world.”

Working in small teams, HR students will create and deliver a no-fee, custom professional skill development workshop for your team. The training session will be approximately 30 minutes and delivered on City Centre Campus in late March / early April.

NOTE: We cannot accommodate training that requires subject matter expertise of a highly technical nature.

Suitable topics could be:

  • Team building skills
    • Actively listening skills
    • Conflict management
    • Consensus decision making
    • How to give constructive criticism
  • “How to use…” (could be Google docs, Instagram, Facebook groups… etc)
  • Policy implementation (if there is a new policy that needs to be followed but it needs more than a memo to get the team to follow or implement)
  • HR skills
    • How to effectively interview candidates
    • How to conduct effective performance reviews
    • How to plan for succession

… or make a suggestion when you apply!

How it works
Teams will select a project in the first week of classes and meet with their partner on campus to assess the training need and develop a training plan. You will review and approve the training objective and training design. The training will be scheduled and delivered on campus.

Jan. 22, 12:30-2 p.m. – meet with team and professor on campus
Feb. 14 – review training objective and provide feedback
Mar. 7 – review training design and provide feedback
Mar. 26, 28, Apr 2 or 4 between 12:30-2 PM – training session (date and time will be established in collaboration with professor)

Have an idea for your team? Register your request online.