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Enhance your Creative Abilities

Submitted by on 2018/10/17 – 8:30 am

Lifedrawing: Oct. 18
This course is a must for those training as visual artists, animators, designers, illustrators and fashion designers. Draw the live model and gain a solid understanding of form, proportion, body masses and skeletal landmarks. Learn observation techniques to determine good proportions and accommodate for perspective views.

Speedlighting: Oct. 20
Expand your technical know-how and creative abilities working with flash. Start by learning the quality, colour and direction of light as it relates to the flash and exposure. Then explore flash settings and features such as manual, TTL, direct, bounce, off-camera and more. Models will be present for demos and studio shoots.

Web Design and Development II: Oct. 23
Build on the knowledge you acquired in Web Design and Development I and gain more in-depth experience using HTML5 and advanced CSS.

Digital Photography Level II: Oct. 23
Broaden your technical skills and develop your creative vision through this project-based photography course.

Adobe Illustrator II: Nov. 17
Further your knowledge of the skills and tools you acquired in Adobe Illustrator Level I as you apply advanced techniques in colour, type and graphic styles including gradient mesh, paths, brushes, filters, blending and 3D effects.

Adobe InDesign II: Nov. 18
Refine your Adobe InDesign skills by harnessing its advanced tools and features to layout and design complex documents. In this intermediate-to-advanced hands-on course you’ll produce a series of real-world documents for print and online use.

Web Design and Development III: Oct. 23
Create client-focused, user–friendly websites using preferred software and learn how to integrate existing HTML websites into WordPress (CMS, content management system). You will practice interactivity and site customization with CSS, widgets and plug-ins, and learn how site design can achieve user-friendly access.