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Make sure to use your funding by June 30

Submitted by on 2018/06/13 – 8:30 am

Remember, you can use your Access to University Learning Activities Fund, your Career Development Fund or Faculty Development Fund to take any class. See Professional Development under the Human Resources section of for more information.

Photographing Children and Families
July 11–25

Capture beautiful family portraits with personality and style. Work with camera setting, light, composition and props to create exceptional individual and group portraits. Learn to skillfully and naturally pose subjects, and how to use lighting, colour and angles to your subject’s advantage. Acquire tips and tricks to capture stunning, professional quality photographs of children and families.

French Level I: July 3 – August 2

Gain basic French language conversational skills and the vocabulary required to exchange greetings and ask and answer everyday questions. In this fun and interactive course you will rehearse conversations with fellow students using theme-based scenarios, such as buying something in a store, ordering a restaurant meal, and checking into lodgings.

Spanish Level I: July 3 – August 2

Learn to speak everyday Spanish for basic social conversational purposes, such as asking for and giving personal information, exchanging greetings and introductions and describing people, places and the weather. The emphasis will be on pronunciation and learning key phrases for a variety of situations.

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