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It’s the summer of learning something new at SCE!

Submitted by on 2018/05/16 – 8:30 am

Strategic Leadership: May 23
Learn how to create a clear strategy and apply techniques that translate strategic goals into engaging action plans.

Minute Taking Made Easy: May 24
Discover the top minute-taking tips and techniques and develop the key minute-taking skills you need to produce minutes that include essential, accurate information for informal, semi-formal, formal and action-oriented meetings.

Warehousing & Material Handling:  Online May 23-June 6
How has warehousing changed and what’s in store for the future? Learn about the latest trends in automated warehouse and yard management systems are their value in the supply chain management process.

Project Survival and Recovery:  May 26
Why do projects fail and what can you do to ensure successful completion? Learn to spot warning signs that your project deliverables are at risk, and how you can develop recovery strategies and audit plans to keep it on track.

Service Excellence: May 29
Master how to demonstrate a customer-focused approach and develop strategies to respond efficiently and confidently to inquiries, requests, deal with difficult situations and problem solve.

Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring: May 29-June 2
Learn how to create appropriate business analysis plans based on the unique combination of people, organizational structure and capabilities, and the proposed change.

MS Excel – Level I: May 29-30
Learn how to create a new workbook; work with ranges, columns and rows, move and copy to build a workbook; and work with basic Excel features such as autofill, autosum, autocomplete, and basic formulas.

Performance Management: June 5
Develop and enhance your skills in managing performance and gain practical techniques to help your employees set meaningful, productive goals.

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Remember, you can use your Access to University Learning Activities Fund, your Career Development Fund or Faculty Development Fund to take any class. See Professional Development under the Human Resources section of for more information.