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A Suite Score: Initiative diverts student waste from landfill

Submitted by on 2018/05/16 – 8:30 am

April was a busy time for students across campus—from writing finals to moving out of MacEwan Residence for the summer. And with move out, comes the need for students to ditch their unwanted items. The Suite Score program—a joint initiative by MacEwan Residence and the Office of Sustainability—keeps these items out of the trash.

Between April 9 and May 2, residents were asked to donate their unwanted clothing, electronics, small furniture and more. Jennifer Boyd, operations assistant for MacEwan Residence, coordinated with Goodwill Alberta to have donation bins placed in the lobby. A team of MacEwan staff and volunteers ensured only acceptable materials were collected.

In all, a whopping total of 1,083 kilograms in donations were collected.

“This year’s program was a huge success,” says Kerstyn Lane, Engagement and Outreach Advisor for MacEwan’s Office of Sustainability. “It’s awesome to see our community so invested in fostering a sustainable campus environment.”

The donated items are now being re-routed to the program’s community partners including MacEwan International and Goodwill Alberta.

MacEwan International will add donated items, such as essential kitchen items and bedroom wares, to the annual welcome packages given to international exchange students.

“On behalf of Sustainability and MacEwan Residence, I’d like to thank Goodwill and the MacEwan community for giving their time to help make this program possible,” says Lane.

If you would like to know more about Suite Score or other Office of Sustainability initiatives, contact Kerstyn Lane at