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MacEwan University wins back-to-back challenges vs NAIT

Submitted by on 2018/04/11 – 8:30 am

April marks the end of another year of MacEwan vs NAIT Challenges. The series end with a final score of 4-1 for MacEwan University. Well done MacEwan! Thanks for participating and engaging in as much physical activity as you do!

Congratulations to NAIT for winning the March Group Fitness challenge – they had 736 people participate.

Challenge Dates Winning School Outcome
Bike (time in hours) Oct 23-29, 2017 MacEwan University 116.5 hours total.
Jersey Day Nov 17, 2017 MacEwan University 136 participants and $414 raised for KidSport.
Treadmill (time in hours) Jan 22-26, 2018 MacEwan University 534.81 miles or 860.7 km.
Squat (reps) Feb 12-16, 2018 MacEwan University 11,438 squats.
Group Fitness (classes) Mar 1-31, 2018 NAIT 628 class participants @ MacEwan.

MacEwan won 3-2 in the inaugural MacEwan vs NAIT challenge in 2016-17.

Watch for a new year of challenges starting in the fall. Details will be available in the Sport and Wellness fall guide. The challenges are free for MacEwan students, and employee and public Sport and Wellness members.