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Campus Master Plan

Submitted by on 2018/01/10 – 8:30 am

MacEwan University has initiated a process to develop a Campus Master Plan that will guide how the university will grow and develop over the coming planning horizon. This is an exciting moment in the university’s history—an opportunity to take stock of priorities, objectives, and aspirations, and move forward on the vision that was established in the Single Sustainable Campus Plan Update report (Phase 1). The Campus Master Plan is Phase 2 of the campus planning initiative. The Master Plan will guide effective land use, phased physical development and expansion, and the determination of the optimal size of the campus over the next 25 years.

We want to hear from you

As part of the Campus Master Plan, we want to hear your ideas for the future of the campus—opportunities you see, constraints the campus faces, and your  aspirational thinking that could contribute to the continued growth of the campus as a place for community and an exceptional learning environment for students.

During the coming months, we will be hosting events around the campus and engaging with the campus community. This is your opportunity to be part of the conversation, and to share what’s important to you for the future of the campus. Watch for more information about how to be involved!

For more information, contact Jacqueline McLeod, director, Space Management, at or 780-497-4516.