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Incident Command System (ICS) training

Submitted by on 2015/10/21 – 8:30 am

MacEwan University’s Integrated Emergency Management Plan uses a management system known as the Incident Command System (ICS). The ICS provides an organizational structure capable of responding to emergencies of all levels, from simple to complex. It also provides the flexibility to respond to an incident as it escalates in severity.

The Office of Emergency Management is looking for university employees (staff or faculty) who are interested in training to become part of the Incident Response Team (IRT), which is the group responsible for running the ICS in the event of a campus emergency. If you would like to attend the one-day, on-campus training on November 10, please contact Janet Dean by October 30.

Some of the areas with vacant positions include:

Scribe: Maintains a complete and accurate record of all events and key decisions that occur during and after the incident.

Planning unit: Assist planning section chief with incident planning and maintains all incident documentation.

Finance unit: Coordinates all financial and cost analysis aspects of the incident (including maintaining an audit trail, billing, invoice payments and documentation of labour, materials and services).

For more information, or to register for training, please contact Janet Dean at 780-633-3298 or