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New process—policy documents

Submitted by on 2015/03/11 – 8:30 am

On March 1, 2015 the university’s newly approved Policy Document Framework (“framework”) came into effect.  The framework centralizes the oversight and coordination of policy document development and approval within the university and sets out roles, responsibilities and procedures associated with policy document development, review and approval.  All policy documents will now follow the same standardized processes, thereby supporting the development and implementation of clear, concise, and consistent policy documents across the university.

New Policy Advisory Group

Guiding and supporting the process is the newly formed Policy Advisory Group (PAG), which is comprised of academic, administrative and student representatives. The PAG reviews and provides advice to offices responsible for policy document development or review on new policy document proposals, policy document change requests and draft policy documents in order to ensure comprehensive consultation has occurred and that framework guidelines, standards and templates have been followed.

New policy forms

Any new policy documents or policy document revisions coming forward after March 1 must follow the processes set out in the framework and responsible offices will need to use the following forms to proceed with policy document development and review:

  • Official Policy Template (to be used to draft new policies);
  • New Policy Document Proposal Form (to be completed when a new policy or procedure is being proposed);
  • Policy Document Change Request Form (to be completed to make changes to existing policies or procedures); and
  • Responsible Office Request to Proceed to Policy Document Approval Form (to be completed when a draft policy or procedure is ready for review by the PAG).

Completed forms are to be submitted to the Chair of the PAG by email at and any inquiries relating to policy document processes can be directed to the same email. The framework and accompanying templates and tools can be found on the Office of General Counsel’s webpage at

Information sessions

The Office of General Counsel will be presenting information sessions to various groups over the coming weeks in order to educate staff and faculty on the new processes.  If your department wishes to attend an information session, please contact the Office of General Counsel at 780-497-5770.