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Updates to Policy Manual

Submitted by on 2014/12/10 – 8:30 am

The Board of Governors and Academic Governance Council approve amendments, additions and deletions to the university’s Policy Manual. All approved policies are located on the university’s website.

Below is a list of the policies that have been amended or added since July 2014. The links listed below the policy number will take you directly to the policy. If your area has links to policies from the intranet or another web page, please ensure you are linking to the current policy.

B3000 AGC Bylaws

C1020 Course Approvals and Changes – for Implementation July 1, 2015

C1060 Credit Course Numbering – this policy will be deleted effective July 1, 2015

C1065 Internal Recognition of Credit Courses

C3010 Baccalaureate Program Review – for Implementation July 1, 2015

C3010-1 Baccalaureate Program Review – Procedure – for Implementation July 1, 2015

C5053 Animal Research Ethics

D4020– Contracting for Services with Independent Contractors (links to the procedures were added)

D4020-1 – Contracting for Services with Independent Contractors (Procedure)

D4020-1 – Letter of Agreement – fillable form

D4020-1 – Letter of Agreement – instruction sheet

D4020-1 Independent Contractor Information Confidentiality Undertaking Form

D5090 – Smoking (formerly called Smoking at MacEwan University)

D7020 Safe Disclosure

D7020-1 Reporting Allegations of Wrongful Conduct (Procedure)

Note: all academic policies have had some minor housekeeping changes made to conform to current terminology.

The following policy has been DELETED from the policy manual since the last filing instruction was distributed:

D7120 Internal Audit Program