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Fighting academic fraud

Submitted by on 2014/11/26 – 8:30 am

Fall 2014 Convocation saw MacEwan University confer 720 certificates, diplomas and degrees. Our graduates worked hard to earn their credentials. The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) plays an important role in preserving the value of the credentials rightfully earned by fighting academic fraud.

In an increasingly competitive world, prospective employees sometimes provide bogus credentials and transcripts as proof of education required by employers. This is where the OUR can provide credential and transcript review and verification services.

FakeCertificateNameRemovedIt’s easy to suspect a document if there are obvious errors. The spelling of “College” on this certificate in “Early Childhood Development” caused some suspicion. On closer examination, the signatures, wording, lack of a date and the stationery store style certificate paper are additional clues that something could be amiss. Fortunately for all of us, people who take this type of shortcut are often not very good at details.

In this case, the employer suspected something was wrong with the document. At other times, employers check as a matter of due diligence. This isn’t simply about catching someone who is dishonest. This is about protecting society, our reputation for providing a quality education and putting the interests of our students first. In the vast majority of cases, whether it is work, professional licensure, further education or graduate school, we help students prove the education and credentials which they have earned.

The steps we take to verify educational achievement protect both the reputation and the earned value of that education, and each student’s investment and individual educational achievement. Reviewing the authenticity of credentials and transcripts is a service the OUR is happy to provide – contact us as necessary – for everyone’s peace of mind.