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Policy revisions: Safe Disclosure Policy and Reporting Allegations of Wrongful Conduct Procedure

Submitted by on 2014/11/19 – 8:30 am

Safe Disclosure Policy (D7020)
Reporting Allegations of Wrongful Conduct Procedure (D7020-1)

MacEwan University maintains high standards of ethical behaviour and embraces a culture of ethics and compliance. In order to reinforce the university’s commitment to such standards and creating a safe and healthy work environment, Policy D7020 Safe Disclosure has recently undergone a significant revision in order to expand the policy to include all reports of non-compliance with policy, legislation and university standards and ethics. Key revisions made to the policy include:

  • Adding a definition of Wrongful Conduct (which includes Wrongdoing under Alberta’s Public Interest Disclosure [Whistleblower Protection] Act) to include other forms of misconduct and reprisal; and
  • Outlining the expectations of members of the university community with respect to compliance and reporting alleged non-compliance.

In addition to the policy revisions, a formal procedure to support Policy D7020 Safe Disclosure has been developed. The new Reporting Allegations of Wrongful Conduct Procedure (D7020-1) outlines the reporting processes with respect to allegations of Wrongful Conduct in order to ensure a broader understanding of the processes in place throughout the university and provide guidance to those wishing to report an allegation of wrongful conduct.

The revised policy and new procedure can now both be found on the university’s website.

If you have any questions relating to the revised Safe Disclosure Policy or the new Reporting Allegations of Wrongful Conduct Procedure, please contact the Office of General Counsel at 780-497-5770.