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MacEwan Medal of Excellence – call for nominations

Submitted by on 2014/11/05 – 8:30 am

Nomination deadline: December 15

Medals of Excellence

Do you know a member of the community who has made a significant contribution on a local, national or international scale or who has achieved outstanding success?

Maybe it is someone who has had a considerable public presence on the political scene. Maybe it is someone who has been quietly volunteering behind the scenes for years. Maybe it is someone who has made noteworthy philanthropic contributions. Whatever their accomplishments, these individuals have contributed extensively to the quality of life in our city and beyond.

At MacEwan University, we value individuals who go above and beyond to improve the quality of life in our city and our world, and we would like to applaud their efforts. If you know someone who has had this kind of impact, please nominate them for the MacEwan University Medal of Excellence.

In Spring 2015, MacEwan University will be presenting the first MacEwan Medals of Excellence to individuals from the community outside the university. We recognize outstanding contributions and achievements by individuals from many fields and sectors—academic, social, economic, cultural, artistic and political—at the local, national or international levels.

Awards criteria

Individuals who have made outstanding and significant contributions can be nominated in one of the following categories:

i. Academic Achievement in Teaching and Research
ii. Societal Contributions
iii. Arts and Creative Activity
iv. Service to the Community
v. Advancement of the University’s Role and Mandate.

Any individual, either external or internal to the university, may nominate another person for this recognition. Sitting politicians and current members of the university’s Board of Governors are ineligible. Recognition will not be granted posthumously.

The recognition is awarded at convocation; recipients must be present at the ceremony.

Help recognize a deserving individual by making your nomination today! The nomination form can be found online—please CLICK HERE.